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Quality and Safety

At Orchard Hospital, we have a culture of safety. We value an unwavering focus on patient safety that fosters technical excellence, and compassionate and safe care for our patients.  We continuously look for ways to improve our care.

  • Quality Initiatives
  • Safety
  • Patient Involvement


At Orchard Hospital, we have a culture of safety. We continuously strive to improve the quality of your life through patient-centered care. We value an unwavering focus on patient safety that fosters not only technical excellence but compassionate and safe care for the whole patient that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. We continuously look for ways to improve our care.

Orchard Hospital participates in many patient care improvement programs. One of which is in cooperation with Enloe Hospital, STEMI Program.  The STEMI Program (ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction) is a specific type of Heart Attack. This type of Heart Attack usually has a clear diagnosis on the EKG and can be transmitted to the Enloe Emergency Room from the Ambulance or Faxed from our Emergency Room. The agreed goal is to get this patient to the Heart Cath Lab at Enloe within 90 minutes of arrival to the Emergency Room to initiate life-saving interventions. This program has been quite successful.


Fall Prevention

To protect you from accidental falls and mishaps, our nursing staff routinely raises hospital rails. Please keep bedside rails up at all times. If you are uncomfortable keeping your side rails raised, you may sign a waiver of liability. Hospital stays are often accompanied by changes in physical abilities resulting from illness, surgery, or medication. When getting into or out of bed, preparing to walk, or moving from bed to chair, please ask your nurse or nursing assistant for help if you are unsure of your ability to manage on your own.


Orchard Hospital operates as a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted in or around hospital buildings. For patients' and visitors' comfort and health, smoking is prohibited on or in all Orchard Hospital buildings, owned and leased properties, grounds, parking lots and vehicles (personal and company).

If you have smoking-related concerns, please speak with your doctor or nurse.

Safety Preparedness Drills

To keep our staff members up-to-date on safety procedures, our hospital conducts periodic drills. You may hear announcements over the loudspeaker alerting personnel to fire, disaster, or missing patient drills. At regular intervals, we also test our fire alarm system by ringing alarm bells and closing fire doors. If you hear a safety-related announcement or alarm, please remain calm and wait for instructions from a hospital staff member.


Patient safety is our first priority here at Orchard Hospital. Everyone involved in patient care has a role to play in safety - including patients themselves. Research shows that patients who take part in their health care decisions have better outcomes. There are simple steps patients can take to become an informed member of their health care team.

Let Us Hear You

You have a right to know about your health care and any inherent risk.

Educate Yourself

Ask questions, seek out information, ask to speak with an infection control nurse.

Ask for Help

Safe patient care requires careful planning. The single most important way you can help prevent errors is to be an active member of your health care team.


The Hospital Quality Institute’s quality transparency dashboards help patients see how individual hospitals perform on important quality measures. Click here to view Orchard Hospital's Quality Transparency Dashboard (PDF)

Orchard Hospital is a SAFE SURRENDER SITE: By state law, an infant up to 72 hours old may be left with a health care profession at Orchard Hospital, legally and anonymously.