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HIPAA Privacy Notice

Orchard Hospital respects the confidentiality of our patients’ medical information. We believe patients have the right to know their medical information is kept private and the right to review their medical records and understand how their medical information will be used. We will use patient information to provide quality care to our patients while carefully protecting that information. We recognize the need to balance the protection of the information while ensuring that caregivers have the information they need to care for the patient.

While Orchard Hospital is dedicated to protecting your privacy and confidentiality, we understand that family and friends may call to check on you while you are a patient in our facility.

To ensure that our patients’ privacy and confidentiality are protected, Orchard Hospital will assign each inpatient a Patient Identification Code (PIC) at the time of admission. No information related to patient status or condition will be given to family or friends unless they have your PIC number. Your PIC number will change with each inpatient admission.

Orchard Hospital will provide the patient and/or the patient’s representative with accounting on non-authorized disclosures of their protected health information. Protected health information may be disclosed without authorization to:

  • Public health authorities
  • The Federal Drug Administration
  • The medical examiner or coroner after a patient has died
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • As authorized by state or federal law.

Orchard Hospital is not required to account for disclosures made:

  • To the individual to which the information pertains or persons involved in their care
  • To facilitate treatment
  • To facilitate payment
  • In accordance with healthcare operations
  • For national security or intelligence
  • To correctional institutions or law enforcement officials
  • As part of a limited data set
  • Prior to April 14, 2003

You have the right to request a copy of Orchard Hospital's HIPAA Privacy Program Compliance Policy.

Orchard Hospital is a SAFE SURRENDER SITE: By state law, an infant up to 72 hours old may be left with a health care profession at Orchard Hospital, legally and anonymously.